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Hello and welcome to Online Charity E-Auctions.

With many charities now focusing solely on one area of charity sector, we believe it is time for people to have the chance to easily donate to many different, worthwhile causes, but most importantly – to get something back for doing so.

Whilst giving to charity is a wonderful thing to do, many people are put off the idea as they feel they are not receiving anything in return, or that their kind donations may be wasted on admin costs/paperwork etc.


We aim to change that though. How? Well, read on!

We aim to encourage many more people to donate to charity by giving them the opportunity to recieve something that they desire in return for their genorosity, as well as raise the highest possible amount for charities without each person having to donate a substantial sum of money. To do this, we need to increase the volume of people donating, so the value of the donations can be lower yet still have the same positive effect.

Sound great? Well, here’s how we hope to change many peoples lives through your genorosity, and give you something you desire in return.

We do this through what we call Charity E-Auctions, based on a raffle system

Here’s how they work:

  • We list items our eBay page for 30 days
  • We produce 250 raffle tickets per item
  • We sell these tickets at a price proportional to the item, starting at just £0.99 with a maximum purchase of 10 per customer
  • Upon purchase you are emailed one unique raffle ticket number per ticket purchased
  • 50% of ALL proceeds go to the selected charity for that item!


So what happens then?

  • After the 30 days are up, or all 250 tickets are sold, we draw the winner using a random number generator to pick the winning ticket
  • We upload a video of the draw on YouTube, to show it was a fair draw
  • We email all ticket holders with a link to the YouTube video, and the name and eBay I.D of the winning ticket holder
  • The lucky winner gets their item sent with FREE postage straight away! You could get a £40 item for just £0.99, and with the added bonus of helping a worthwhile cause!

The items in our auctions vary, but are mainly electronics, video games, games consoles etc, as these attract the most interest and hence make the most money for charity!


But what if I don’t win?

Sadly, not everyone can win in a raffle. However, even if you don’t win, you are making a valuable and much appreciated donation to charity, which will make a true difference to someones life!

As we mentioned before, we want to provide people with something in return for their genorosity, a way of saying thankyou.



How do you know what charities to select?

Well, we’ll be hosting many polls here to decide what charity to help next, so YOU get to decide!

Keep up to date:

We will be posting our latest auctions on our “Auctions” page, and updating the total amounts we have raised for each charity regularly.

Please help and donate today, and make a positive difference to those who need it most!



The Online Charity Team 🙂




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